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Metro DX Club's TEAM BONAIRE Dxpedition 2004
Island INFO
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Bonaire is 24 miles long (38.6 km) and 3-5 miles (4.8 -8 km)wide, 112 sq. miles (180 sq. km) in area.
Klein Bonaire, an island off our west coast, is 1500 acres.


50 miles (80 Km) north of Venezuela and 86 miles  (94 Km) east of Aruba, well outside of the hurricane belt.


Terra Firma Bonaire!

Bonaire is a relatively flat island, with its highest point, Brandaris Hill (located in the Washington Slagbaai National Park), peaking at a mere 780 feet (240 meters).



The average air temperature is 82 Fahrenheit (30C) and 75% relative humidity. Average water temperature is 80F (29C). Rainfall averages 22"  (52.8cm) per year. There is a constant trade wind that generally makes the evenings cool and comfortable. Average windspeed is 15 mph (25kph).