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Metro DX Club's TEAM BONAIRE Dxpedition 2004
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Team Bonaire!
Bob/K9MDO  "Big Bob"

Bob retired in 1998 as Director of Emergency Communications for the Village of Oak Lawn, Illinois. His department handled 9-1-1 emergency calls for six communities located in southwest suburban Chicago. His responsibilities included upgrading radio and computer applications used by Police, Fire and Emergency Medical Departments as well as overseeing the operations center serving the area. Retirement activities include volunteer work, traveling, ham radio and computer system integration(keeping his friends computers working).

Bob has been licensed since 1958.  He is married to Karen Marie, WB9YBL / V25YL and has two children and five grandchildren.

Bob is president of the Metro DX Club of Illinois, an Honorary Lifetime member of Hamfesters Radio Club (Illinois), a member of the Florida DXPedition Group (FDXPG) and a Lifetime Member of the ARRL. He is an active Dxer and avid contester. Bob has recently participated in the V25A DXpedition from the Antigua and is looking forward to operating from many of the countries that he has talked to over the last forty-five years.

In January, Bob was selected by the Metro DX Club as its DXer of the Year for his DX exploits as HI9/K9MDO, HH4/K9MDO, VP2MDO and V25A.



Bill/N2WB "Wild Bill"
Married to Dawn / KB4NOA, with one son, Billy.

Active in DX circles with avid interests in DXpeditions and RTTY, Satellites and low band operation. Other related interests are Antenna's and Towers.

N2WB has visited thirty-six (36) DXCC entities and operated from eighteen (18). He has participated in eighteen (18) DXpeditions, including one involving top 20 DXCC entities, i.e. Spratly Is. He has been an operator on 1 of the top 7 DXpeditions with the highest QSO totals. In addition, Bill has the honor of having participated in several "TOP" Dxpeditions.
A Life Member of ARRL, currently serving in the ARRL and W5YI VEC programs. Also active locally in the Florida Dxpedition Group (FDXPG) , North Ormond Beach Amateur Radio Society (NOBARS) and the Metro DX Club of Illinois. Also the Hillview Gardens Amateur Radio Club 9M6AAC.
DXCC Honor Roll with 339 confirmed countries.  8BDXCC and DXCC Challenge!
Other interests are traveling and family. 
Where Do We Go Next...?
John retired from Sprint Long Distance in 2003 after 11 years of maintaining and repairing large, unique computer systems as Network Technical Specialist. Prior to his service with Sprint, John worked with Trans World Airlines (TWA) and served in a variety of positions ranging from aircraft weight-and-balance to Crew Scheduler to Senior Technician of Airline Communications. John has visited over 30 DXCC entities but has operated from only two, the most enjoyable being C6A. Now that he is retired he will have the opportunity to operate from many of those wonderful DX locations!
John was first licensed in 1957 as KN2YZI (very exciting at the time but not the best call for DX) and later as W4ZFG prior to obtaining his current call in the early 1960's. He is Vice-President of the Metro DX Club, member of ARRL and INDEXA and is a QSL dispatcher for the W9 QSL bureau. He is interested in both DXing and contesting, particularly using CW and RTTY.
John is married to Mary Ann ("Toots") and has four children and six grandchildren.